Shift Your Brand Strategy Now

Before it’s too late…

A New World Of Business

A new world is quickly unveiling. You’ve noticed the changes creeping in day-by-day in every market around the world.  Marketing and business-to-consumer connections are changing forever. Brand strategies that we were taught or have tested in the past, aren’t going to survive in the future markets.

Why, you ask? Because these future markets aren’t being built by human connection or psychology, they’re now being developed by virtual reality, AI and ever-changing algorithms. Can you say, Monopoly?

If we want our brands, businesses, products and services to survive, we have to shift our focus further out, to the bigger picture so that we can begin to strategize.

The best way to get ahead of the curve, is to ask yourself “where will AI and virtual reality lead us?”

(The answer is clear to me)

The markets are going to be separated into two sectors:

  1. The AI/Algorithm-controlled minds
  2. The humans craving authenticity and less tech, because of the uptick in AI. 

If we can spot these changes emerging in the market, early enough, we can strategize properly.

There's Still Hope

Thankfully, we have generations alive today that have experienced life before tech took over our minds. Because of this, we have a chance to shift the negative trajectory of businesses and brands around the world, due to the advances of AI. We have a chance to reshape the importance of human connection and real-world user experiences.

I know what you’re thinking: “How?”

Well, the answer is more simple than most realize: Real Life.

Because most businesses and brands are focused on building digital content, or virtual experiences, there’s a HUGE gap in the real-world experiences brands and businesses can now create. Furthermore, if we as a collective can push for, and create more of, these unforgettable real-world experiences, we can shift the trajectory of the monopoly that AI is trying to take on the world and bring businesses back into reality.

Now, don’t misinterpret my observations or recommendations on this topic…I believe AI has amazing utility and value in the world. I just know that what comes up, must also come down, and history and human nature allow me to forecast that we will all get sick of the constant application of tech and AI in our lives and minds. Over time, our brains will begin to crave real-world experiences and true human connection again.

Scientific evidence strongly suggests that human connection is a core psychological need, essential to feeling satisfied with your life.

How To Strategize

The oldest rule-of-thumb in marketing and branding, still holds true: Experience is everything.

It’s time to start thinking ahead, to create one-of-a-kind brand experiences.

Sounds simple, right? Sure, if you’re thinking inside of the box. I’m talking unforgettable, never-before-seen experiences of a lifetime. Immersive and detail focused buildings, art installations, landscaping, decor and even food and smells, that connect your brand to the hearts and souls of consumers around the world. It’s time to make reality more beautiful than AI could ever even attempt to imagine. It’s time to collaborate with artists, strategize with professionals, and create a path for future businesses to flourish through. It’s time to create unforgettable brand experiences, in reality…If we don’t, we might lose our opportunity to create businesses all together, because AI and tech will monopolize all markets. 

It's Time To Take Action

It’s our duty to remind younger generations, that didn’t have the opportunity to experience life before tech and AI, about the beautiful reality we live in. We can do this, by not only giving them more access to reality, but making reality and real-world experiences more beautiful and memorable than AI or virtual reality could ever be.

To do this effectively, brands and businesses around the world should be hyper focused on creating in-person brand experiences. These experiences can range from art installations, to interactive obstacle courses, and even strategically designed landscapes and furniture that create an unforgettable real-world experience for consumers. Tying these creative and beautiful real-world experiences into your brand, your products, your services or your mission, is the future of marketing. Mark my words.

There’s so many ways to build a memorable brand, but we’ve only just scratched the surface. Don’t allow virtual reality or AI to take over the market place. This is your call to action to start thinking outside of the phone or computer box, and start applying your brand and mission to the real world. Let me know if you need any help. This is what I’m here for.