Welcome to the Passion That Pays Workshop Portal! Here you’ll be able to fill out the Passion Questionnaire, and review helpful tips and tools to learn how to turn your passions into a profitable business! Take some time to fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability, because writing out these answers will bring you clarity on what direction to take for your new business. 

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Tips To Figure Out How To Price Your Products Or Services:

To help you figure out the best pricing for your products or services, you should do some market research online. You can google companies that offer similar products or services and see what they’re charging, and then figure out if that price is realistic for the time you’ll spend creating these products or completing these services. A good rule of thumb is to figure out what your ideal “hourly rate” would be, and then multiply that by how long it will take you to complete this service or create your products. Be sure to add in how much your supplies and/or tools cost. I would personally recommend multiplying that final number by THREE to take into consideration how much you want to make, how much it costs to fulfill, and how much you want to keep in your business for marketing and costs to run your business.

This article from Forbes is also a good breakdown of how to price your services. 

Download the following apps and then click or scroll to read how to use these apps for your new business!

Tools To Help You

These apps will help you stay organized and plan accordingly for your social media content. Showing up consistently on social media, and networking with your target audience, is key to growing brand awareness and gaining paying customers online. Scroll to read more about how each of these apps can help you do just that! There’s many other app options, that do similar things. These specific apps are just my top recommendations.

Airtable is an organizational platform, that will help you organize your business in amazing way! You can organize your brand assets, your social media content, and even help you plan that content using an awesome calendar function. You can eve invite other team members to view your Airtable, and leave notes on your content. You can learn more about how to use Airtable to keep your business organized by clicking here.

Hootsuite is a scheduling software, that will help you plan out your social media content, and post it for you! This platform saves me so much time and energy with social media content planning and imnplementation. They offer FREE plans, as well as paid plans. Facebook now offers similar tools in their business platform. But Hootsuite has a few extra features that Facebook Business does not. You can learn more about Hootsuite here.

Instories is a really cool and creative app that will help you create memorable and branded stories for Instagram and Facebook! The templates they offer make creating professional stories and promotions super easy and fun to create. They offer FREE and paid plans. You can learn more about Instories here.

Canva is a easy-to-use tool to create graphics for your business. I personally use Adobe Photoshop, but Canva is a great option for people starting out. This tool offers templates and tools to help you create promotional graphics, designs and even your own logo design! You can learn more about Canva here.

I created a Facebook Group designed to help participants network with others that have taken the workshop, or others interested in learning how to start their own business using their passions. This group is the perfect place to leave your questions, share your wins, and network with others. I encourage you to join the group now to make the most out of this immersive experience, and stay connected with others on the same journey!

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